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Rolling bearing unit with rotating speed sensor

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5567058.

A rolling bearing unit with a rotating speed sensor comprising a hub having a flange for mounting a vehicle wheel and an inner ring raceway, an outer ring having a mount portion for supporting a suspension apparatus and an outer ring raceway, a plurality of rolling members between the inner ring raceway and the outer ring raceway, a sensor supported by the outer ring, a tone wheel mounted to the hub so as to be faced to the sensor, an annular support frame having a cylindrical mount portion, a flanged portion and a support portion, the cylindrical mount portion fitted onto the outer ring, the flanged portion bent inwards at right angles at an edge of the mount portion and having a side face, the support portion having a circumferential end face and projected from the side face of the flanged portion, and a conductive member projected from the circumferential end face of the support portion to output signals from the sensor, the circumferential end face of the support portion and part of the flanged portion conjointly defining a through-hole, so that the conductive material is extended through the through-hole and projected from the circumferential end face of the support portion, and the support portion being filled with a non-magnetic insulating material, so that the sensor is embedded in the non-magnetic insulating material.

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