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Wet disc brake having a pad with grooves

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #5564533.

The present invention relates to a brake assembly and a pad configuration for use therein which is capable of use in corrosive environments without significant damage occurring to the assembly from such usage. The assembly comprises a single disc, a housing surrounding the disc which together with rotary seals provides a substantially sealed zone within which an annular braking surface of the disc rotates, and at least one friction pad having a friction surface adapted to be moved against the braking surface to provide a braking effect. The friction surface has a leading edge which is swept or angled rearwardly from a radial line passing through an inner leading edge corner of the friction surface and one or more grooves which are open at both ends and which are also angled rearwardly from a radial line passing through an inner forward end of each groove.

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