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Microwave integrated circuit passive element structure and method for reducing signal propagation losses

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5559359.

A passive element structure and method for a microwave integrated circuit reduces signal propagation losses. In one approach, a passive element (10) has an insulating layer (12) overlying a silicon substrate (14). A metal layer (16) comprising a signal line (18) and a groundplane (20) is disposed overlying the insulating layer (12), and at least a portion of the metal layer (16) contacts the substrate (14) through at least one opening (22, 24) in the insulating layer (12). The silicon substrate (14) has a resistivity greater than 2,000 ohm-cm, and the passive element (10) preferably carries signals having frequencies greater than 500 MHz. Signal losses in the passive element (10) are minimized because the charge density at the surface (15) of the substrate (14) underlying the metal layer (16) is significantly reduced. In one example, the passive element (10) is a coplanar waveguide transmission line.

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