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Process for cleaning large bone grafts and bone grafts produced thereby

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5556379.

A process for removing substantially all bone marrow from a large bone and a bone graft produced thereby. A large substantially intact bone is selected and excess cartilage is removed from at least one articulating surface of the bone. An opening is prepared through the cortical layer of the bone to permit access of a vacuum line to the bone cavity. A vacuum line is attached to the bone via the opening for application of vacuum to the bone cavity, and the opening is sealed. A vacuum is applied to draw a first cleaning solution through the bone cavity so as to draw the first solution and solubilized bone marrow through the vacuum line to exit the bone at the opening. The vacuum is discontinued when the bone has been substantially cleaned of bone marrow. Subsequently, a second flushing solution may be drawn through the bone cavity via vacuum.

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