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Freezer evaporator defrost system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5551250.

A freezer system is disclosed comprising a freezing mechanism and an adjacent freezer cabinet. The freezer mechanism has a compressor that produces hot gas refrigerant, a condenser, and an evaporator which accumulates ice on its outside surface. An evaporator condensate pan is mounted beneath the evaporator and a compressor condensate pan is mounted beneath the compressor and connected by a conduit to the evaporator condensate pan. A condensate pan heater coil is attached to the bottom of the evaporator condensate pan. A hot gas valve connected between the compressor and the condensate pan heater coil, when activated, conducts hot gas refrigerant to the condensate pan heater coil to heat it and thereby heat the attached evaporator condensate pan, which in turn heats the outside of the evaporator to help melt accumulated ice. The hot gas refrigerant is then fed from the condensate pan heater coil to the evaporator, heating the inside of the evaporator and fully melting the ice. The water drips into the evaporator condensate pan and flows to the compressor condensate pan. A condenser fan mounted adjacent the condenser moves outside air through the condenser and around the compressor to cool the condenser and compressor while heating the moved air, which is then passed over the water in the compressor condensate pan to evaporate it and expel it from the freezer system.

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