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Automated, electronic network based, project management server system, for managing multiple work-groups

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5548506.

Design and implementation of an `Auto Multi-Project Server System`, which automates the tasks of Project Management Coordination, for organizational work-group team members. The `Auto Multi-Project Server`, referred to as AMPS, consists of a core piece of software running on a host server computer system and interacting with a messaging system such as electronic mail, fax etc. Once the AMPS system is configured for the work environment, all interactions with it by work-group team members is via messages. First the AMPS system compiles multi-project plans into a multi-project database, and tracks the ownership of projects, tasks and resources within the plans. Second the AMPS system performs automatic checking of resource requests, if resource availability limits are exceeded then resources are re-allocated to projects based on priorities, and project plans are accordingly changed Third the database is processed periodically to send out reminder follow-ups and project status reports. Fourth the databases are continuously updated based on status changes reported by work-group members. These four steps are continuously repeated enabling an automated method of multi-project management for organizational work-group team members.

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