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Offshore system and method for storing and tripping a continuous length of jointed tubular conduit

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5547314.

A system and method is provided for storing a continuous length of an assembled jointed tubular conduit on an offshore vessel and for conveying the tubular conduit between the deck of the vessel and a subsurface wellhead on the floor of the body of water. The system includes a carousel positioned around the perimeter of the vessel defining a continuous close-curved carousel pathway in parallel or coplanar alignment with the horizontal deck. The assembled tubular conduit is maintained in coiled storage along the carousel pathway until it is desired to convey the tubular conduit into or out of the carousel. Horizontal and vertical directing means are provided that, in cooperation with rotation of the carousel, enable uncoiling of the tubular conduit from the carousel into the water or recoiling of the tubular conduit into the carousel from the water. The horizontal directing means is positioned proximal to the carousel, engaging the tubular conduit and defining a substantially horizontal curved pathway for the tubular conduit, thereby redirecting the tubular conduit in a linear radial direction relative to the circumferential carousel pathway. The vertical directing means is positioned proximal to the deck opening, engaging the tubular conduit and defining a vertical curved pathway for the tubular conduit, thereby redirecting the tubular conduit in a linear perpendicular direction relative to the carousel pathway.

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