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PE-OX/ozone-TEOS gap filling capability by selective N.sub.2 treatment on PE-OX

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5536681.

An improved method of gap filling in the dielectric layer by performing selective N.sub.2 treatment on the PE-OX underlayer is described. Semiconductor device structures are provided in and on a semiconductor substrate. A conducting layer is deposited overlying the top surfaces of the semiconductor device structures and patterned to form conducting lines. A first silane-based oxide layer is deposited over the surfaces of the conducting layer wherein a gap is formed between portions of the patterned conducting layer. The first oxide layer is covered with a layer of photoresist which is patterned so that the portions of the first oxide layer overlying the conducting lines are not covered by the photoresist layer. The portions of the first oxide layer not covered by the photoresist layer are treated with N.sub.2 plasma. The photoresist layer is removed. A second O.sub.3 -TEOS oxide layer is deposited over the first oxide layer wherein the gap is filled by the second oxide layer and fabrication of the integrated circuit is completed.

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