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Transition collar and spacing device for use in road construction

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5536110.

A transition collar for use in road construction comprises an annular collar member made of elastomeric materials such as rubber. It has a generally planar top surface and a central opening sized to accommodate a rigid frame structure having an access opening formed therein. The collar member has a vertical outer wall that faces the road material, which outer wall has a number of horizontally extending, spaced apart ridges formed thereon. These ridges assist in securing the collar in a road bed. Preferably the uppermost ridge is spaced below the top surface of the collar. The collar can have a number of small bumps distributed over its top surface to improve traction for vehicles. Preferably these bumps have sloping sidewalls extending about their periphery. A cushioning device is used to adjust the position of the frame structure and comprises a flat, elastomeric member with exterior dimensions corresponding to those of the frame structure. This cushioning device preferably has shallow indentations on one of its two major surfaces.

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