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Method and apparatus for image-type determination to enable choice of an optimum data compression procedure

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5535311.

A method for identifying an image type of a multi-pixel image is employed in an apparatus that includes multiple data compression procedures. The data compression procedures operate with varying efficiencies on different image types. Pixels defining an image are represented by binary 1/0 values that are arranged in n-bit data segments (e.g., bytes). The method includes the steps of: counting a number of 1-to-0 and 0-to-1 transitions in each data segment; finding an average number of transitions over all data segments wherein such transitions occur; determining for all data segments in the multi-pixel image, a transition array comprising cumulative numbers of data segments having 0, 1, 2, . . . n-1 transitions, respectively; and employing the average number of transitions per data segment and the transition array to identify a data compression procedure to be employed for the multi-pixel image.

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