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Turbine cooling blade having inner hollow structure with improved cooling

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5533864.

A turbine cooling blade has a blade body defining an inner hollow portion, an insert core fitted into the inner hollow portion of the blade body with a space therebetween, and a plurality of projections formed on the insert core so as to project towards an inner surface of the blade body. The projections are formed with impingement holes through which cooling air flows from an inside of the insert core towards the space between the insert core and the blade body. The blade body is provided with a plurality of partitioning members partitioning the space into a plurality of sectioned chambers between the insert core and an inner surface of the blade body. The insert core member is formed with a number of impingement holes at portions other than the partitioning members, and the partitioning members extend in a span direction of the blade body. Cooling air flows from an inside of the insert core towards the chambers through the impingement holes, and the blade body is provided with a plurality of film cooling holes each penetrating the blade body from the chambers to an outer atmosphere side of the blade body and extending in a radial direction the blade body.

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