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Apparatus and method for producing and injecting sterile cryogenic liquids

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5533341.

An apparatus for producing and injecting a sterile cryogenic liquid (for example into a container of food) is provided, as well as a method of use of same. The apparatus includes at least one purge-swept cryogenic liquid filter, the filter including filter media having the capability to effectively sterilize cryogenic liquids, the filter media positioned within a housing to accept non-sterile cryogenic liquid and produce sterile cryogenic liquid, and to recycle an amount of the non-sterile cryogenic liquid. The apparatus further includes at least one sterile cryogenic liquid accumulator, the sterile cryogenic liquid accumulator having a sterile cryogenic liquid outlet for dispensing sterile cryogenic liquid, the sterile cryogenic liquid outlet having a passageway for a sterile cryogenic gas, whereby the sterile cryogenic gas prevents contact of the sterile cryogenic liquid with a non-sterile atmosphere via pressurization and purging during dispensing of same.

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