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Combination moisture management panty and panty hose system for women

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5533212.

The invention is a combination moisture management panty and panty hose system for women. The moisture management system includes both a panty and panty hose. The panty includes a moisture management panty shield for being positioned in the crotch area of the wearer during garment wear. The panty shield has a first fabric layer with a skin side surface including moisture wicking fibers for residing next to the skin during garment wear. These such fibers wick moisture outwardly away from the skin towards drier areas of the garment for evaporation. The pair of panty hose is worn in combination with the panty, and includes a moisture management crotch gusset for being position adjacent to the panty shield in the crotch area of the wearer. The crotch gusset is constructed of an open mesh fabric for receiving moisture from the panty shield, and for facilitating the flow of air through the gusset into the panty shield. The open mesh fabric promotes moisture evaporation from the panty shield and the gusset.

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