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Adjustable closure force control device for a bench vise and method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5531428.

The invention discloses an adjustable closure force control device for a screw-type vise and a method for selectively controlling the closure force of the vise. The control device uses a nut barrel for threadingly receiving a screw of a screw-type vise with a movable vise jaw being operatively connected to the screw so that advancement of the screw through the nut barrel results in vise jaw closure about an article to be held. The closure force control selectively controls the advancement of the screw through the nut barrel in response to the resistance to movement encountered by the movable vise jaw. In a preferred form of the invention, a compressible detent plunger cooperates with a series of apertures spaced about the nut barrel periphery. This allows the nut barrel to rotate with the screw, ending screw advancement and jaw closure despite continued screw rotation, when the predetermined resistance to jaw movement is encountered. The closure force control can be selectively overridden allowing the vise to perform in a direct operating mode, similar to that of conventional vises.

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