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Apparatus and method for washing balls

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5529082.

An apparatus for washing balls in a cleaning fluid includes a container for storing soiled balls, a cleaning unit for washing and rinsing the balls, and a clean ball hopper for storing washed balls. A soiled ball conveyor conveys the balls from the soiled ball hopper to the cleaning unit, while a pneumatic conveyor conveys clean balls from the cleaning unit to the clean ball hopper. A fluid supply system provides recirculated cleaning and rinsing fluids to the cleaning unit, and helps prevent the balls from becoming clogged in foam. The cleaning unit includes three vertical substantially transparent cylindrical housings. Upper and lower enclosures are opaque and remove from sight the top and bottom longitudinal axial ends of the cylindrical housings to provide an exciting visual effect as the balls are conveyed through the transparent elongated housings.

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