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Device and method for tuning a combiner filter

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5525940.

A device for tuning a combiner filter. The measuring signals (P.sub.rl . . . P.sub.rn, P.sub.F1 . . . P.sub.Fn) of a number of different combiner filters are multiplexed to the same detectors. Multiplexing allows the measuring and adjusting electronics required by the tuning and adjusting means of combiner filters to be simplified considerably especially with a high number of combiner filters. Multiplexing of measuring signals is used primarily to select the sample signals of the forward and reflected power of one and the same combiner filter to be tuned for the measuring electronics. In the invention selectors for reflected power and forward power are independent of each other, which allows isolation measurement between different channels. The sample signal of the forward power of one combiner filter and the sample signal of the reflected power of another combiner filter are thus connected to the measuring electronics. When both sample signals undergo frequency-selective detection at the same frequency, the degree of isolation between the radio channels will be determined.

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