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Method and device for supplying fibres to a filling tool in a brush manufacturing machine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5518301.

A method for supplying fibres to a filling tool in brush manufacturing machines, includes, per operating cycle, taking a bundle of fibres (7) from a selected fibre supply duct (4,5) to the filling tool (3) by means of a bundle take-up device (6) which cooperates with at least two fibre ducts (4,5), and using, for the selective supply of the fibres (2-2A), moveable closing devices (19,20) which cooperate with the supply ends (11,12) of the fibre ducts (4,5) and which ensure, by their movement that fibres (2-2A) can only be taken from one fibre duct (4,5) at a time by the bundle take-up device. The closing devices (19,20) are mounted on a common support for simultaneous movement each cycle.

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