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Semiconductor memory device having an SRAM as a cache memory integrated on the same chip and operating method thereof

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5509132.

A cache DRAM (100) includes a DRAM memory array (11) accessed by a row address signal and a column address signal, an SRAM memory array (21) accessed by the column address signal, and an ECC circuit (30). The DRAM memory array (11) is divided into a plurality of blocks (B1 to B64), each including a plurality of columns. The SRAM memory array (21) includes 4 ways (W1 to W4). In determining a cache hit/cache miss, a column address signal is inputted. Consequently, the SRAM memory array (21) is accessed and data are read from each of the ways. When a cache hit occurs, one way is selected in response to an externally applied way address signal, and data from that way are outputted. When a cache miss occurs, the column address signal is latched and the row address signal is applied. The DRAM array (11) is accessed in accordance with the row address signal and the latched column address signal.

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