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Simulation device and system

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5507647.

A simulator device provides a full 360 degree axial roll to a passenger capsule. This device also provides 70 degrees of pitch to the capsule. The 70 degrees of total range of pitch motion provided by the simulator device creates additional desirable and exciting sensations. For example, if the passenger is quickly rotated from a full pitched back position to a full pitch forward position, the feeling of flying or dropping straight down is simulated. The simulator device provides the passenger with 0.5 Gs pitch forward, 0.25 Gs pitch backward, 0.25 Gs rotational acceleration, and 2.25 Gs vertical acceleration. These forces simulate the motion sensations of high speed looping roller coasters, bobsled rides, water rides, flying rides, and driving rides. The simulator device provides sufficient vertical motion to create more than 1/2 second of weightlessness. In this manner, the passenger experiences free falls off cliffs, vertical drops down the side of skyscrapers or plunges over Niagara Falls. In one embodiment of the present invention, a visual and audio system provides high resolution images and stereo sound to create realistic sensory experiences.

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