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Medicament applicator with spatulate tip

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5505712.

A fluid applicator includes a suction bulb, a screw cap, a finger support, an inner shaft, and an outer shaft that ends in a spatulate dispenser. The suction bulb connects with the thin tubular inner shaft, which extends throughout the applicator to terminate at a release opening in the spatulate dispenser. The suction bulb, which is preferably made of rubber or flexible plastic, has a toroidal lower lip that hooks over a complementary toroidal projection of the screw cap. The tubular inner shaft has an upper lip that projects horizontally into contact with the inside of the suction bulb and that rests on the toroidal projection of the screw cap. The screw cap, which is innerly threaded, is positioned immediately above and integral with the oblong winged member that provides finger support for a user. Also integral with the screw cap and finger supports is the outer shaft, which shields the inner tubular shaft and is configured mainly as a cylinder. The spatulate dispenser at the end of the outer shaft has rounded edges, and may be tapered. Within the spatulate dispenser the inner shaft may be strictly tubular or tapered, with a small and mainly circular release opening, or may expand into a broader reservoir having a more extensive release opening. In an alternative embodiment, the inner shaft is eliminated and the outer shaft serves as the receiving tube for the fluid to be applied.

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