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Air-land vehicle

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5505407.

A flying vehicle has wheels for highways, and a body and an engine. The body, engine and load define a center of mass (CG). Shrouded fans are located about the CG so as to produce, in conjunction with air jet redirection apparatus, the torques required to assume various attitudes. In one embodiment, an upper shrouded fan, with a diameter no greater than eight feet, produces an air jet, centered above the CG, for lifting the body. A second shrouded fan, smaller than the first, produces an air jet for lift, centered below the center of mass, on the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, forward of the CG. Third and fourth paired shrouded fans produce air jets for lift, centered below the CG, on either side of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, toward the rear of the body. The paired second and third fans have equal diameters, no greater than half of the diameter of the upper fan, to keep the total width eight feet. The engine is coupled to the fans during flight, for driving them at speeds which are in a mutually fixed ratio, with the rotation direction of the upper fan contrary to the directions of rotation of the other three, whereby rotational moments are substantially canceled. Movable flap arrangements are coupled to the shrouded fans, for redirecting the air jets, for providing directional forward, aft, left, and right translation, and rotation motions, and pitch and roll attitudes.

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