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Apparatus for performing wafer level testing of integrated circuit dice

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5504369.

A semiconductor wafer (20) having integrated circuit dice (22), wafer conductors (42-47, 50-53), and wafer contact pads (38) formed thereon. The wafer conductors (42-47, 50-53) are used to transfer electrical signals to and from the integrated circuit dice (22) on semiconductor wafer (20) so that wafer level testing and burn-in can be performed on the integrated circuit dice (22). In accordance with one embodiment of the present, each wafer conductor (45, 52) is electrically coupled to the same bonding pad (78) on each integrated circuit dice (22). Each wafer conductor (42-47, 50-53) includes at least a portion of conductor (42-47) which overlies the upper surface of at least one integrated circuit dice (22).

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