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Tape cassette

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5502608.

In a tape cassette having a case with a mouth for receiving a magnetic head drum of a recording/reproducing apparatus and containing a recording tape wound on rotatable reels and including a tape run extending across the mouth; a front lid is pivotally supported on side walls of the case so as to be movable between a closed position covering a front opening of the mouth and opened position to uncover the tape run, and upper lid is pivotally joined at its front edge to the upper edge portion of the front lid so as to be movable between a closed position to covering a top opening of the mouth and opened position to uncover the top opening, and a slide shutter is supported on the case for sliding between a closed position covering a bottom opening of the mouth and opened position to uncover such bottom opening. The mouth across which a run of the recording tape extends can be closely covered by the front lid, the upper lid and the slide shutter when the tape cassette is not in use. When the tape cassette is in use, the mouth is fully opened in response to the movements of the front lid, upper lid and slide shutter to this opened position so as to enable the magnetic head drum to advance deep into the mouth.

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