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Fuel injection valve including air promoting atomization

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5499769.

A fuel injection valve wherein fuel sprays discharged from a fuel injection hole are impacted with auxiliary air introduced from outside to thereby promote atomization and subsequent vaporization of the fuel sprays, is provided with fuel spray guide passages for each guiding one of the fuel sprays. As a result, the fuel sprays discharged from the fuel injection holes, are impacted by the auxiliary air to thereby promote atomization and subsequent vaporization thereof, and are guided by the inner walls of the fuel spray guide passages, to thereby control the diffusion and spray direction of the fuel sprays. The cross-sectional shape of the fuel sprays is thus controlled to an optimum shape so that adhesion of fuel to the inner wall of the intake port is minimized, thereby improving combustion, and in particular reducing hydrocarbon emissions and improving fuel consumption.

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