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Pneumatic applicator for agricultural particulates

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5485962.

A device for the distribution of liquid or dry particulate material, particularly for agricultural use. The device is adapted to be mounted upon a truck chassis or other device for movement in a direction of travel. The device includes a single hopper which may alternatively receive the liquid or particulate material. A dry feed mechanism is provided to remove the material from the tank to a metering station where the particulate material is subdivided. A plenum chamber is also provided to entrain each subdivision of particulate material for pneumatic conveyance within a distribution tube extending laterally of the direction of travel. The plenum chamber is aerodynamically curved such that the air velocity is substantially lateral upon entering the distribution tubes, increasing the air velocity in the tubes. The distribution tubes have exits which are laterally spaced to provide an even distribution of the particulate material.

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