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Method and apparatus for transforming graphics

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5483626.

A graphic-transforming apparatus and method are provided for freely transforming an object graphic with easy operations. A curve or polygonal line to be transformed, that is, the object graphic, and a pattern consisting of a closed curve and functioning as a ruler are set up and a transformation is executed in which a part of the object graphic is replaced with a part or the whole of the pattern by specifying a transformation range, that is, by specifying a starting point, an ending point, and the direction of the route according to certain rules. The pattern consists of any line drawing such as a circle or polygon, which can be moved (and also rotated, enlarged, and contracted) and freely operated on the object graphic like moving a ruler on a drawing paper. The following rules are applied to the starting point, ending point, and route. The starting point must be an intersection between the object graphic and the pattern. The ending point must be a point on the pattern. The specified portion from the starting point of the pattern to the ending point through the route in the specified direction must be replaced with the specified portion from the starting point of the object graphic to its ending point or its extreme point.

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