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Fuel assembly for a boiling water reactor

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5483565.

A fuel assembly (16) for a boiling-water nuclear reactor arranged in groups with four fuel assemblies in each group and with a centrally placed control rod (17) forming a supercell. Each fuel assembly (16) includes a plurality of vertical fuel rods (12) with enriched nuclear fuel material (24), said rods being arranged between a bottom tie plate (13) and a top tie plate (14) in a surrounding vertical fuel channel (1) which is connected to a transition section (2). The transition section is provided with holes (20a-d) for by-pass flow outside the fuel assembly. The fuel assembly is characterized in that the by-pass holes are arranged in such a way that when turning the fuel assembly (16), including the transition section (2),, or around the longitudinal axis of the fuel assembly, said holes are adapted to direct the by-pass flow away from the control rod (17).

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