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Rotary head drum having a connecting member for providing electrical conduction

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5483401.

In a recording or reproducing apparatus arranged to carry out recording or reproduction of a signal while keeping a magnetic tape wrapped around a rotary head drum equipped with a head, the upper cylinder of the rotary head drum is provided with a rotor core which constitutes part of a rotary transformer for carrying out signal exchange between the head and an external circuit. An elastically deformable contact is held by a holder secured to the rotor core, and includes a plurality of conductive portions, each conducting electricity between opposed faces of the elastically deformable contact, and a cutout defined in a middle portion thereof. The elastically deformable contact is pressed from opposed sides between a conductive pattern connected to the magnetic head and a conductive pattern connected to the rotor core so that it can be brought into pressure contact with both of the conductive patterns, thereby providing electrical conduction between the head and the rotor core.

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