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Illuminated flag

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5477437.

A decorative flag includes openings between opposite sides thereof, a light string on the first side of the flag having lights mounted in the openings to extend to the second side of the flag and a cover removably secured to the first side of the flag to conceal the light string. The flag includes a sleeve along an upper edge thereof for mounting the flag to a flagpole so as to hang downwardly therefrom. The sleeve includes an opening or slot for extending an outlet end of the light string therein and along the flag pole, thereby to substantially conceal the outlet end of the light string. The flag bears an ornamental design and the lights accent or form part of the design. With the outlet end of the electrical light string plugged into an electrical outlet, or into an extension cord, the lights actuate to illuminate the second side of the flag and any design thereon. With one or more additional covers, lights may be extended outwardly from opposite directions to illuminate both sides of the flag.

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