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Method for terminating coin sorting using pressureless exit channels and immediate stopping

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5474497.

The present invention is a coin sorter apparatus for sorting a group of mixed coins by denomination and immediately terminating the sorting process in response to a predetermined operating condition, such as the filling of a coin receptacle with a predetermined number of coins. Sorting is provided by a stationary sorting head and a rotatable disc positioned sufficiently proximate to one another so that when the group of mixed coins are dropped into the center opening of the stationary sorting head, they are rotated by the rotating disc and guided by the sorting head on a outward spiral sorting path to exit channels along the periphery of the stationary sorting head. Each of the exit channels acts as an exit chute for a particular coin denomination by releasing pressure on that particular coin and freeing the coin to move outwardly along the exit channel and exit into a coin receptacle. At the moment of the predetermined operating condition, a braking mechanism immediately stops the rotation of the rotatable disc, and the coins within an exit channel exit through the exit channel due to the inertia of the coins.

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