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Upgrading fire control systems

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5474255.

A conversion kit for upgrading an existing fire control radar system having a target radar antenna for tracking a target to enable the system also to track, with respect to the target, a missile having a beacon transmitter. The conversion kit includes a missile antenna for measuring and commanding the missile, a mechanism for attaching the missile antenna to the target radar antenna of the fire control radar system, a command transmitter for transmitting command signals via the missile antenna to a missile, a beacon receiver for receiving from the missile, via the missile antenna, response signals from the missile beacon transmitter in response to the reception by the missile of the command signals, and a guidance computer for utilizing the command signals transmitted by command transmitter, and the response signals received from the missile beacon transmitter, and target tracking signals received from the fire control radar system, for tracking the missile and for guiding it to the target.

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