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Mixer with vertically movable bowl support and means for preventing removal of said bowl during a mixing process

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5472276.

A food mixer comprises a base, a supporting structure or column upstanding from the base and an arm projecting from the upper end of the column and carrying a mounting member for a mixing tool. The column is provided with a vertically extending V-section channel on its bowl-facing side which, in use, receives part of the periphery of the mixing bowl so that the necessary horizontal extensions of the head from the column is minimized. The mixing bowl is supported on a mixing bowl support vertically movable on the column to bring the bowl up to the mixing tool and lower the bowl therefrom. Except in the fully lowered position of the bowl support, the bowl is held captive on the bowl support by a pin which is extended upwardly through a hole in a flange of the bowl, the flange being received in a slot in the bowl carrier. The pin is carried by a lifting mechanism for the bowl support and is arranged with a degree of vertical lost motion relative to the bowl support, thus ensuring that the bowl is automatically locked into the bowl support before any lifting movement takes place and is not released until the bowl support has been fully lowered.

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