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Brake unit for automotive vehicles with electric drive

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5472264.

A brake unit for automotive vehicles with electric drive is configured in the shape of a multiple-circuit compound system consisting of hydraulic friction brakes of brake circuits (I, I', I", III, III', III") and of an electroregenerative brake system (circuit II, II', II"). In a vehicle with a driven and a non-driven axle, three brake circuits exist, one brake circuit of which (I, I', I") is comprised of a pedal-actuated hydraulic brake pressure master unit (2) and of friction brakes (3, 4) acting upon the non-driven wheels. The second brake circuit (II, II', II") which represents an electroregenerative brake system is directly or indirectly coupled to the brake pedal and acts upon the driven wheels. The third brake circuit (III, III', III") which is comprised of friction brakes (10, 11) also acts upon the driven wheels. The actuation of the wheel brakes (10, 11) is connected to the second and third brake circuits. The distribution of the brake power to the front axle (VA) and to the rear axle (HA) is controlled with the aid of an electronic controller (7, 7',7").

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