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Apparatus for profiling bristle fields

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5472263.

A process and apparatus are provided for executing profiling trimming cuts in the bristle fields of toothbrushes. In order to process the fibers separately in different regions of the bristle field, and particularly to shorten them by means of a straight cutter or a level grinding disk, the fibers in the bristle field regions that are not to be contacted by the processing tool, are held at a distance from the processing plane of a processing tool by means of a lateral deflection of the free fiber ends in the longitudinal direction of the respective bristle field region. If the process is employed in several steps, in which respective fibers from various bristle field regions are to be processed, almost any desired profile cross-section can be created in the bristle field, not only in the longitudinal direction but in the transverse direction as well. Processing at each processing stage can thereby be accomplished with straight processing tools, for example with straight cutters. It is thus possible to dispense with the use of expensive profile cutters.

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