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Tandem package and system for making same

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5472093.

A system of the present invention includes a tandem package and an apparatus and method for making the same. The tandem package includes a strip of film material having a plurality of medicament containing compartments. To prevent ripping or exposure of the medicament in an adjacent compartment upon opening of an individual segment of the package, each compartment is separated by a dividing member. In addition, to facilitate opening of the each segment while providing increased resistance to opening by children, each segment includes a tear notch in at least one corner of the segment perpendicular to a fold line. Thus to open the segment to expose the medicament, the corner my be folded along the fold line and torn at tear notch, with the dividing member limiting tearing of the film. The apparatus and method of the present invention include a number of sub-assemblies for sealing the film, forming the compartments, placing the dividing member between the compartments, placing the dose of medicament in each compartment and cutting the continuous web into strips having the desired number of segments therein.

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