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Method for locating sector data in a memory disk by examining a plurality of headers near an initial pointer

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5471604.

A method of allocating free physical memory in a solid state memory disk for a sector of data of a given size is described. Allocation begins by determining the amount of free physical memory in each block of the solid state memory disk. Afterward, the block with the greatest amount of free physical memory is selected. Sufficient free memory to store the sector of data is reserved in the selected block, provided the amount of free memory within selected block exceeds the given size of the sector of data.A method of allocating free physical memory for sectors of user data stored within a block that is the focus of clean-up is also described.A method of locating a sector of data stored in a solid state memory disk given a sector number and a pointer to a block sector translation table of a block is also described.

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