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Gas injection system of nuclear power plant and gas injection method therefor

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5467375.

A gas injection system of a nuclear power plant including a reactor and a gaseous waste disposal system, comprises a hydrogen injection unit for injecting hydrogen into a reactor of a nuclear power plant, an oxygen injection unit for injecting oxygen into a gaseous waste disposal system in which the oxygen is recombined with the hydrogen passed by way of the reactor, a densitometer for measuring a balance of concentration between the hydrogen and the oxygen in the gaseous waste disposal system, a flowmeter for measuring a flow rate of an exhaust gas of the gaseous waste disposal system, and a controlling unit for controlling the quantities of the hydrogen gas and the oxygen gas. According to the operation of the controlling unit, the injection quantities of the hydrogen and the oxygen from the hydrogen injection unit and the oxygen injection unit are controlled in accordance with the results of the concentration balance measurement and the flow rate measurement, a lag time between a time when the oxygen and the hydrogen are injected and the time when the oxygen and the hydrogen reach the gaseous waste disposal system is stored, respectively, and an injection timing from the hydrogen injection and the oxygen injection is controlled in response to the lag time.

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