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Music synthesizer system and method for simulating response of resonant digital waveguide struck by felt covered hammer

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5466884.

A musical sound synthesizer simulates interaction of a hammer having a compressible striking surface with a resonating medium. A digital waveguide resonator that simulates operation of a resonating medium and generates digital resonator waveforms representing signals propagating in said digital waveguide resonator. A hammer filter simulates the hammer striking the resonating medium and generates first and second hammer waveforms. The hammer filter includes a scattering junction that couples the hammer filter to the digital waveguide resonator. The hammer filter also includes a compression function that generates from the first and second hammer waveforms a compression value corresponding to compression of said simulated hammer, a stiffness function that generates a time varying stiffness coefficient as a function of the compression value, a excitation signal function that generates a hammer excitation signal as a function of hammer strike impulses, and a hammer function that generates the first hammer waveform as a function of the compression value, the hammer excitation signal and the second hammer waveform. The scattering junction transmits the digital resonator waveforms received from the digital waveguide resonator unchanged back into the digital waveguide resonator when the compression value corresponds to the hammer not being compressed and otherwise transmits a first time varying portion of the first digital resonator waveform combined with a second time varying portion of the digital resonator waveforms, wherein the first and second time varying portions of the first digital waveguide waveform and the digital resonator waveforms, respectively, are functions of the compression value.

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