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Personal mobile communications system having central station for paging mobile users via base stations

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #5463672.

A personal mobile communications system comprises base stations (4-1.about.4-4) located in respective zones and a paging station (8) covering an area including the zones, or cells (5-1.about.5-4). The paging station and all base stations are connected to a public switched telephone network (PSTN). When a call is originated from a PSTN user (2) to a mobile user (10), the paging station receives a call-setup request from the PSTN containing the address codes of both PSTN and mobile users, and broadcasts the call-setup signal over the covered cells. One or more base stations (4-1.about.4-3) receive the call-setup signal and, in response, broadcast an alert signal. One of the base stations (4-2) receives an off-hook signal from the alerted mobile station (10) and dials the PSTN user address code contained in the call-setup signal to the PSTN to establish a connection (15; 147.about.149; 176.about.178) between the calling and called parties (2,10).

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