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Gunsight device for rotating-wing aircraft

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5461796.

A gunsight device for a rotating-wing aircraft having a hollow rotor hub (1), on which there are radially mounted blades constituting said rotating wing, and which is connected to the main transmission box (2) by a drive shaft coaxial with the rotor of the aircraft. The device includes a nonrotating gunsight head (3) mounted, by means of a support (4), at the free upper end (5a) of a nonrotating mast (5) arranged coaxially inside the hub (1) and the drive shaft of the rotor, the other end (5b) of which mast is fixed into the main transmission box (2), a rolling contact bearing (6) coaxial with the rotor axis being provided between the hub (1) and the mast (5). A suspension (7), intended to filter out the excitations in roll and in pitch to which said gunsight head (3) is subjected, is provided between the base (4a) of the support (4) of the gunsight head (3) and the upper end (5 a) of the mast (5).

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