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Method of abrading with boron suboxide (BxO) and the boron suboxide (BxO) articles and composition used

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #5456735.

A method of removing material from a surface comprising abrading a surface comprising the step of abrading a surface with an abrasive tool or an abrasive powder comprising a boron suboxide (BxO) composition, wherein during the abrading step the boron suboxide (BxO) composition is maintained at low temperatures. The abrasive which is from the boron suboxide (BxO) family of compounds exhibits an unexpectedly high quality of abrading comparable with the highest quality particulate natural and synthetic diamond, which has a hardness about double that of the boron suboxide (BxO) of the present invention.Further, the invention includes a lapping and polishing powder and lapping slurry wherein the powder is made from a dense, finely crystalline boron suboxide material with a Knoop hardness KHN.sub.100 of at least about 2800 kg/mm.sup.2 and preferably at least 3800 kg/mm.sup.2.

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