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Electrostatographic single-pass multiple-station printer for forming an image on a web

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #5455668.

An electrostatographic single-pass multiple station multi-color printer for forming an image onto a web, eg of paper, is described. A plurality of toner image-producing electrostatographic printing stations each have a rotatable endless surface such as the photoconductive surface of a cylindrical drum onto which a toner image can be formed. The paper web is conveyed in succession past the printing stations. The speed and tension of the web is controlled while it is running past the printing stations. Guiding rollers which determine for the web wrapping angles of about about the drum surface. A corona device transfers the toner image on each drum onto the web. The corona device, the wrapping angles .omega. and the web tension are such that adherent contact of the web with the drum surface is such that the moving paper web controls the peripheral speed of the drum in synchronism with the movement of the web. Slippage between the drum surface and the paper web is thereby eliminated, enabling accurate registration of superimposed images on the paper web.

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