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Compact disk playback/recording system with means to discriminate if a tape end is reached during or between sound programs

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5452281.

A compact disk playback/recording system having a compact disk playback apparatus and a cassette recording apparatus. The compact disk playback apparatus includes: a compact disk playback command section; a compact disk playback section for playing back a plurality of sound programs from a compact disk in response to a compact disk playback command from the compact disk playback command section; a pulse detector for detecting a stop in rotation of reels of the cassette recording apparatus in response to the absence of pulses generated when the reels are rotating; a sound detector for detecting the presence of playback sound for a predetermined time period corresponding to the travel time of a tape leader of the end of a cassette tape in response to an output signal from the pulse detector; a search section for searching for the beginning of a sound program to be played back, in response to an output signal from the sound detector indicating the tape end was reached during a sound program; and a temporary stop section for temporarily stopping the compact disk playback section in response to an output signal from the search section if the tape end is reached between sound programs. Thus, recording is begun only after the tape leader has passed on the "B" side of the cassette tape at the next subsequent sound program on the compact disk if the tape end is reached between sound programs, or is begun at the beginning of the sound program that was interrupted if the tape end was reached while said program was being recorded on the "A" side of the cassette tape.

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