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Devices for supporting a plurality of fishing rods with reels when in their two-piece states

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5450688.

A device for supporting a plurality of fishing rods with reels when in their two-piece states comprising, in combination, a handle formed of a generally horizontally disposed linear member having a grip in the central extent thereof with downwardly turned ends with outwardly extending support rods the support member also having a carrying strap extending upwardly from the ends and over the grip and notches; a pair of support wheels, each support wheel having a central recess for the receipt of a support rod for coupling therebetween, each of the support wheels having a plurality of axially aligned recesses extending inwardly from the periphery, the recesses being formed in pairs of large and small recesses, with the recesses of the wheels in axial alignment to form complementary sets for the receipt of fishing rod halves with the smaller outboard end in each rod half in the larger recesses; and a pair of bases, each formed with a flat segment positionable on the ground and an upper segment coupled with respect to the lowermost extent of a support wheel whereby the support wheels and bases may be received on the ground in a generally horizontal orientation.

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