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Bar having O-rings to secure the weight

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5449333.

A weight exercise device for strengthening wrists, arms and shoulders and related muscles. The device includes an elongated cylindrical weight bar having evenly spaced annular grooves formed into its outer surface extending from one end of the weight bar up to a gripping area thereof. The gripping area is preferably defined by an elastomeric foam sleeve secured on the weight bar extending from the other end toward the center area of the weight bar. The device also includes several cylindrical weights of equal length and different weight size each longitudinally bored therethrough for sliding engagement on the weight bar over the grooves. Each weight is held separately or collectively as desired, both with respect to longitudinal positioning and sequence of arrangement on the weight bar by an elastic O-ring fitted into the groove at each end of the weight(s). A beveled shoulder formed at the end of each longitudinal bore facilitates easy removal of the O-rings from the grooves, even through the groove spacing is such that the positioned O-rings prevent axial movement or rattling the weights during use of the device.

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