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Single fastener plant support ring for use with a t-shaped upright post

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5440834.

A structurally strong plant support ring and fastening device usable for supporting plants such as tomato plants and which is adapted to be fastened to a T-shaped support post. The fastener portion of the device has a flange portion adapted to abut a facing flange of the post and an opening adapted to abut one of a plurality of spaced fingers extending out from said facing flange. An arm extending from said flange portion is formed into a hook at the distal end thereof and is adapted to grasp the edge of a post flange extending at a right angle from said facing flange. A ring integral with said flange portion extends out from said flange portion and has a lower supporting brace. In one variation the support ring has a removable arc segment which permits the ring to be easily placed around plants that are ordinarily too tall for placement over the top of the plant.

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