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Process for forming deposited film

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5439844.

A process for forming a deposited film comprises the steps:(a) arranging a substrate having crystal orientability uniformly on its surface in a film forming space for formation of a deposited film;(b) introducing into said film forming space an activated species (A) formed by decomposition of a compound (SX) containing silicon and a halogen and an activated species (B) formed from a chemical substance (B) for film formation which is chemically mutually reactive with said activated species (A) separately from each other, thus permitting both the species to react chemically with each other thereby to form a deposited film on the above substrate; and(c) introducing into said film forming space a gaseous substance (E) having etching action on said deposited film to be formed or a gaseous substance (E2) forming said gaseous substance (E) during the above film formation step (b), thus exposing the surface for deposited film growth to said gaseous substance (E) and thereby effecting an etching action to conduct crystal growth preferentially in a specific face direction.

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