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Blank firing conversions for semiautomatic pistols

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5433134.

An automatic pistol for repetitively firing blank ammunition includes a frame, a barrel unit including a barrel chamber portion and a barrel element extending from the barrel chamber portion, and a slide mounted on the frame and reciprocally longitudinally moveable relative to the frame between a forward battery position where the pistol is capable of firing and a rearward position where a spent blank cartridge is ejected. The slide is initially freely moveable relative to the barrel unit to an engaging position of the slide displaced from the forward battery position. At the engaging position, the slide engaes an abutment surface of the barrel unit thereby moving the barrel unit to a position where the barrel chamber portion receives a blank cartridge. A mechanism, e.g., a restrictor element, may be provided for generating sufficient back pressure in the barrel unit upon firing of a blank cartridge to move the slide to the rearward position.

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