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Flexible bellows actuation system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5431015.

A closed loop fully self-contained actuation system for converting a mechanical input motion into a mechanical output motion, which actuates a device such as a flight control surface on an aircraft, comprises an input actuator including a first fluid pressurizing means responsive to the mechanical input motion, and an output actuator including a second fluid pressurizing means, as well as a flexible fluid line extending between the first and second fluid pressurizing means to provide fluid communication therebetween. The second fluid pressurizing means is responsive to fluid flow through the fluid line, thereby initialing the output motion. The system is advantageous because it requires no hydraulic pumps, no accumulators, no reservoirs, and no dynamic seals or mechanical joints, permitting great reliability. The actuation system may be easily folded in conjunction with the apparatus on which it is employed, for compact storage.

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