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Wide dynamic range detection circuit

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5424674.

Two wide dynamic range detection circuits are disclosed, which are capable of detecting low-level desired signals in the presence of nearby strong interfering signals. Each circuit includes an attenuator scheme for attenuating the interfering signal while passing the desired signal. The first attenuator scheme uses a YIG filter in combination with an automatic gate arrangement. The second attenuator scheme uses a two-channel arrangement. The first channel uses a chirp-Z processor to derive a pulse-type transform signal in response to the strong interference signal. The second channel includes a YIG filter followed by a programmable notch filter which is controlled by the interference-signal pulse from the first channel. Following the programmable notch filter in the second channel is a chirp-Z processor followed by a gate arrangement wherein the gates are switched "OFF" under control of the interference-signal pulse from the first channel.

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